About Us

12141513_998286156858167_5030145168096651147_nPajama Monsters are snuggly monster pals who take kids on an adventure to ward off things that go bump in the night, and make sure every room is safe and sound, all before bedtime. These modern-day teddy bears defend kids and keep them safe, what more could a kid ask for?

When combined with reading the bedtime story book, “If Your Monster Wears Pajamas…” You can start a new bedtime tradition that helps children sleep better and provides the benefits of reading aloud.

Of course, we have many customers of all ages who just like cute, quirky, cuddly plush and picture books too!

The plush is recommended for Ages 3 & Up, or anyone who likes to cuddle. The Book can be read to a child of any age, most kids can read the book on their own around ages 8 and 9.

Hank Champion is the CEM (Chief Executive Monster) of Pajama Monsters. He’s also the designer of the plush dolls, illustrator and co-authored the book “If Your Monster Wears Pajamas” with Megan Champion. Hank currently lives in Jacksonville, Florida; he previously worked as an Art Director, Graphic Designer and Copywriter for advertising agencies in New York City. Hank studied illustration and design at Auburn University and had wanted to create a children’s book ever since he graduated but never had ideas until he had a child in his life. Now the ideas just keep coming and more books are in the works.