Stinky Making Friends With Steve, Whose Uncle is Maurice Sendak, author and illustrator of “Where The Wild Things Are.”

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Stinky made a new friend at the Shabby Chic and Arts Festival in Tampa, Florida. Steve Rosenstock, whose cousin is Maurice Sendak, who wrote and illustrated the classic childrens book, “Where The Wild Things Are” saw Stinky (The Pajama Monster he’s holding) and said Stinky reminded him so much of uncle Max, the boy in “Where The Wild Things Are,” that he had to have one.


While Stinky was never meant to look like Max, I was pleased that Steve was drawn to Stinky and the Pajama Monsters. It was wonderful hearing stories about Maurice Sendak and the real person behind the character Max and it’s a thrill to know that one of my Pajama Monsters will have a home near signed copies of “Where The Wild Things Are.”


Stinky and the other Pajama Monsters are available at

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